Dreaming about paint

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Dreaming of a house being painted indicates that information kept from you will soon be forthcoming if you dreamed of painting anything (like furniture, woodwork, etc ), it suggests that you are contemplating some activity that you would prefer to keep secret think it over carefully before you commit yourself a dream of artist’s watercolors signifies important changes to dream of lacquer, gilt or shellac predicts a passionate new love affair.
Dreaming of a paint fight, suggests it is your lack of sincerity to dream you see spray painters or accessories, suggests friends will lie to dream of red dye, foretells passion to dream of yellow paint, is a sign of jealousy dreaming of pink paint, suggests love to dream of brown paint, predicts the knowledge and wisdom, blue paint presage developments in the work to dream of green paint is a sign of peace and creative solitude, white paint is a sign of pure love to dream you paint on your clothes, suggests you are suffering from condemning colleagues or relatives.
Paint is generally for the externally visible personality of a person, in particular its behavior and the impression he leaves behind in others. Can hide behind it, however, quite different properties. Sometimes you can see from the paint so the request to not pay attention to so much on the outer facade, but more to give the way you really are. Flaking of the paint suggests a nakedness in waking life. Fresh paint points to the repeated success, to preserve the image.