Dreaming about pan

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You will soon be able to laugh your troubles away if your dream featured the greek god if your dream concerned a cooking pan, prosperity is just around the corner.
Dreaming of a pan, means you have to be discrete and limited in outlay but also in contacts and intimate relationships dreaming that you fry something in a pan, means you are to miss your only chances.
Using a pan to ‘cook something up’ can symbolizes steps you are taking to be more fulfilled often the pan is associated with family members as you explore the dynamics of your upbringing that affect your self esteem since food is transformed in the pan, this symbol can be a message about recognizing how self limiting ideas might be transformed into optimism ie: food for thought you can see this symbol as having heavy associations with the ideas you were taught in early life and you will often dream of a pot or pan when you are attempting to move beyond this conditioning see also cooking.