Dreaming about panther

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A panther seen in a dream portends misfortune through a neighbor who is a busybody and a gossip. If you kill the panther or get it to go away, you will make a large sum of money.
Wild beauty and grace enemies will fail in attempts to injure you to see a panther and experience fright, denotes that contracts in love or business may be canceled unexpectedly, owing to adverse influences working against your honor but killing, or over powering it, you will experience joy and be successful in your undertakings your surroundings will take on fair prospects if one menaces you by its presence, you will have disappointments in business other people will likely recede from their promises to you if you hear the voice of a panther, and experience terror or fright, you will have unfavorable news, coming in the way of reducing profit or gain, and you may have social discord; no fright forebodes less evil a panther, like the cat, seen in a dream, portends evil to the dreamer, unless he kills it.
Dreaming of the roar of a panther, means you should defend your name dreaming of a tamed, meek or small panther, suggests for you to be cautious of false friends to dream that you beat a panther or kill one, suggests that in reality you will beat slander or will reject allegations that are unfair.