Dreaming about pants

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Dreaming of new pants, means are to have a new job or love affair to dream that your trousers are dirty, old, worn or torn, means you are ahead of material damage and losses to dream that you sleep in your pants, means that investment will go in the right direction.
Clothing generally represents the roles that we play in life and how others perceive us if putting on pants or changing your pants, plays a major part in your dream you may be questioning your role at work, home, or in any other area of life the physical look of the pants, who is wearing them, and the emotional content of the dream will give you clues to its meaning if your were trying to cover up your genitalia, then the dream may be bringing up sexual issues.
A dream that focuses on pants can be exploring your ability to provide for yourself or others as in”Wearing the pants” in the family being dressed without pants can symbolize a change in career in a sense you are disrobing an old persona, revealing yourself openly and searching for a way of providing for yourself that is more revealing of who you are see also clothing and makeup.