Dreaming about parent

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Dreaming of your parent signifies that you are carrying the influence of that parent while your parents may influence you in many positive ways dreams only focus on changes you need to make the likelihood is that the parent in the dream is influencing you in a negative way with regard to the subject matter of the dream this may not be obvious to you.
Parents in a dream can be a sign for the need of advice, help, security, safety and sincere feelings. It depends on what is (was) the relationship between own^s parents. But there are also other possible individual interpretations. Old dream books give the following meanings: – In the dream argue with the parents warns about the fact that you will run into trouble by your own blame. – To see parents can promise happiness and success in the near future. – To see dying parents announce your own long life, perhaps it is also stated that you should get rid of their strong influence. – Dead parents are understood as a luck symbol, sometimes for the purposes of prosperity.
Mother and father, which cared for a happy youth often appear in the dream, when a dreamer longs to be back or for that sense of security that he felt at home: live in happy and fortunate circumstances; The unconscious takes them as an example, when disagreements arise in the dreamer^s own family. Probably, the dreamer is in a situation in which he hopes for help. In puberty the dreams about parents appear as enemies, a proof of the fact that you would like to solve them. The parents in the youth had no role model, then such an encounter can be interpreted as a contrary, that they want to defend themselves against people, which considers bad advice. If you meet the deceased parents in the dream, this is considered as a looking for advice, you need assistance in a precarious and an awkward position.
– To see parent in a dream (if they still alive), this means that you are longing and yearning for their care;(for alive): – In the dream you see or speak with them: means joy, happiness and success in undertakings; – To see cheerfully: marks for harmony and pleasant assistants; – Arguing with them in the dream: bad omen; – To see happy in their house: pleasant change comes to you; – To see in a good health and happy: live in happy circumstances, your business and your love relationship will develop well; – To see sad: means that happiness leaves you; – In the dream you see parents dead but they are still living: expressing your own fears, a long life for the mother and the father; – For a young woman, this dream means marriage and wealth. If the parents are pale and dressed in black, you are haunted by disappointments. – See deceased: foretells good family news also: unexpected help with problems that come up to you.

Meaning for seeing parent in your dreams

– To see deceased parent in the dream: good times will come to you; – In the dream you are arguing with them: you will bitterly regret your disobedience; – To see dying: for them is a good long life.
– To speak with parent in a dream: you can see confidently in the future; luck in enterprises; – To see parent: you will be well protected; – You are arguing with them: you will get bad news; – Lose the living: comfort and help in the sorrow; a long life is given to the parents; – To see ill parent: mischief; – To speak with or see deceased parent: cheerfulness and luck will please you; get a positive news; in an emergency you will get unexpected help.