Dreaming about passenger

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Being a dream passenger in any wheeled vehicle is a sign of slow but steady improvement in your work.
Dreaming that you see passengers coming in with their luggage, denotes improvement in your surroundings if they are leaving you will lose an opportunity of gaining some desired property if you are one of the passengers leaving home, you will be dissatisfied with your present living and will seek to change it.
Easy success is the forecast in a dream of being a passenger in a wheeled vehicle if you were a passenger on a ship, plane, boat, rocket, balloon, or other mode of wheel less transportation, you may soon enjoy an escape from worry and/or responsibility.
A passenger means you will receive long messages or a visit from an old friend.

Meaning for seeing passenger in your dreams

Having a passenger in your vehicle can represent your sense of responsibility to this person they can also have an influence on your current motivation being a passenger rather than driving can portray a sense that you are not in control of where you are going see passenger under vehicles and places of transportation.