Dreaming about passport

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Like purses and wallets, passports in dreams hold strong associations to identity, including nationality and race dreams of arriving at an airport without a passport indicate feelings of unpreparedness for a destination in our lives usually a career or romantic goal lost passport dreams also may indicate feelings that a dreamer is”Losing” his or her identity through extended stay in a foreign country or through being absorbed into a foreign culture, for example, by marriage lost passport dreams are common reflections of literal anxieties during actual travel to foreign countries related dream symbols airplane purse.
Identity traveling abroad looking to expand and explore.
Identity traveling abroad looking to expand and explore.
Dreaming of getting a passport indicates an approaching opportunity for profitable travel; to dream of losing a passport suggests a depressing lack of progress due to unappreciative or hostile influences around you try to find a new channel or a new environment for your activities.

Meaning for seeing passport in your dreams

Dreaming of passport control, signifies that you seek a safe space for expression dreaming that you see a passport, signifies that will need to be protected by the ridiculous accusations and attacks and that you need to show the obvious facts dreaming that you have lost or had your passport stolen, predicts that you are to miss a useful trip.
A dream with a passport implies that you are looking for permission or acceptance in some part of your life, you have identity or self esteem issues, or you are seeking travel or freedom from something.