Dreaming about patch

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Dreaming that you have patches upon your clothing, denotes that you will show no false pride in the discharge of obligations to see others wearing patches, denotes want and misery are near if a young woman discovers a patch on her new dress, it indicates that she will find trouble facing her when she imagines her happiest moments are approaching near if she tries to hide the patches, she will endeavor to keep some ugly trait in her character from her lover if she is patching, she will assume duties for which she has no liking for a woman to do family patching, denotes close and loving bonds in the family, but a scarcity of means is portended.
A dream of having necessary patches on your clothing signifies prosperity or wealth by inheritance; decorative patches or items made of colorful patchwork suggest that this is a likely time for speculation or a bit of gambling an eye patch in a dream predicts an unusual sex experience.
Dreaming of a patch, signifies that you’ll need to defend your reputation from attack by ground.