Dreaming about peacock

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You want to be admired but will be disappointed maybe you are too ambitious for persons dreaming of peacocks, there lies below the brilliant and flashing ebb and flow of the stream of pleasure and riches, the slums of sorrow and failure, which threaten to mix with its clearness at the least disturbing influence for a woman to dream that she owns peacocks, denotes that she will be deceived in her estimate of man’s honor to hear their harsh voices while looking upon their proudly spread plumage, denotes that some beautiful and well appearing person will work you discomfort and uneasiness of mind.
A dream of these strutting birds contains a warning of possible loss of status or failure due to vanity and/or overconfidence.
Dreaming of peacock feathers, means you are to be selfish and vane to dream you see a peacock, predicts the achievement of a surprise.
A dream of this bird suggests that you have a reason to be proud, just as the peacock displays its colorful tail feathers.
A dream of a peacock suggests that you have something to show off, a reason to be proud, similar to the peacock that displays its colorful tail feathers.
A dream where there is a peacock symbolizes new found wisdom or knowledge.

Meaning for seeing peacock in your dreams

The peacock was hera’s favorite bird in greek mythology and can embody arrogance or spite it is associated with vanity and the outer expression of inner beauty you may dream of a peacock as a message that you are relying too much on outer appearance and may need to turn inward to cultivate your inner beauty since it has eyes in its feathers it can symbolize being too concerned with what others think you may dream of the peacock when you need to develop self pride or when you are too focused on it the behavior of the peacock can tell you which is at play see also birds.