Dreaming about pearls

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Dreaming of pearls, is a forerunner of good business and trade and affairs of social nature if a young woman dreams that her lover sends her gifts of pearls, she will indeed be most fortunate, as there will be occasions of festivity and pleasure for her, besides a loving and faithful affianced devoid of the jealous inclinations so ruinous to the peace of lovers if she loses or breaks her pearls, she will suffer indescribable sadness and sorrow through bereavement or misunderstandings to find herself admiring them, she will covet and strive for love or possessions with a pureness of purpose.
A dramatic increase in wealth and social position are forecast in a dream featuring pearls, unless the string broke or you lost them, in which case you may expect some reverses before the advances however, if you managed to gather them up or restring them, the reverses will be minor and the delay inconsequential.
Dreaming of artificial pearls, means that you will have wealth and apparent brilliance to dream that you see pearls, suggests that you will have some difficulty to dream that you see black pearls, predicts that you may mourn and will suffer to dream of a string of pearls, signifies that you will regret and cry dreaming that you find a pearl, signifies an emotional experience, which will subsequently disappoint you.
If you dream of owning pearls, you will have success in business and be highly regarded in society if a woman dreams she receives pearls from a lover, she should be prepared for festive occasions ahead it also means she will select a faithful and loving husband if a string of pearls breaks in your dream, you should be on the lookout for impending sadness and problems of the heart.

Meaning for seeing pearls in your dreams