Dreaming about peas

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Dreaming of eating peas, augurs robust health and the accumulation of wealth much activity is indicated for farmers and their women folks to see them growing, denotes fortunate enterprises to plant them, denotes that your hopes are well grounded and they will be realized to gather them, signifies that your plans will culminate in good and you will enjoy the fruits of your labors to dream of canned peas, denotes that your brightest hopes will be enthralled in uncertainties for a short season, but they will finally be released by fortune to see dried peas, denotes that you are overtaxing your health to eat dried peas, foretells that you will, after much success, suffer a slight decrease in pleasure or wealth.
To open a can of peas predicts a variety of small complications of your own making to see peas growing indicates vexation due to the troubles of a close friend or relative if you dream o shelling peas, it could be a forecast that your mate will talk a better game of love than he can play.
Dreaming you buy, sow, cook or eat peas, means you will have new benefits and success, but thanks to the woman to dream of opening the peas, means you will have many minor problems and inconsistencies with annoying colleagues to dream of white podded peas, means your hard work will be rewarded.