Dreaming about peasant

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Work on the relationship to nature.
What do I feed in me?
Builders can be used as a symbol of closeness to nature and safety are founded firmly on the earth. The farmer sowed, planted, plowing, mowing, cultivating, but also keeps livestock and sold them for slaughter. This farmer^s dream may relate to the rewarding and positive side of peasant life, but also on the less pleasant aspects. We clarify first of all, what aspect prevailed in a dream. It could be that you just return the long and hard work mow; harvest / or toasts the seeds for the future. If you dream of driving an agricultural vehicle? Who was in real life? Maybe for a powerful and great, of which one knows that one has to stand against him? Was it the farmer who hinblickt over his fields, which may express satisfaction with their lives. It is a positive dream. Anyone who sees himself as a farmer at work is likely to achieve its goals through hard work and achieve good results can, and he is in line with his own nature (personality). Only an old farmhouse that we encounter in the dream is true, in the traditional interpretation of dreams as a harbinger of obstacles and problems.
Appear in the dreams of a farmer or a farm, they point to the nature-loving side of the dreamer and a naturally centered life. The dreamer actually lives in the country, then the dream usually have a specific relationship to its environment. He lives in a large city on the other hand, it wants to introduce again the dream closer to nature. Ordered the dreamer sows a field, or seek the harvest, refer to these activities in the figurative sense of the professional activity of the dreamer or have a spiritual significance.

Meaning for seeing peasant in your dreams

– longing for nature and simple life; displays earthiness with life and its natural rhythms; – in action: bright future; – meet young one: happiness and success in business or personal interests; – a young look at work: promises a happy life; – meet an old one: obstacles and difficulties in progress; – an old watch at work, indicates much toil, you will have to work very hard and patiently to achieve the peace of old age; – see yourself as a: good progress on clean basis; – farmer means happiness in every situation; – be deceived by him: you must endure scorn; – act with him long life; – talk to him: you are arrogant; – go with him: an unexpected inheritance.
– to see: take heed from coarse and treacherous people; – see working: you^ll be exposed to great physical effort to earn your bread.