Dreaming about pelican

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Dreaming of pelicans means that you will be invited to dinner by a friend who has returned from a fishing trip.
Dreaming of a pelican, denotes a mingling of disappointments with successes to catch one, you will be able to overcome disappointing influences to kill one, denotes that you will cruelly set aside the rights of others to see them flying, you are threatened with changes, which will impress you with ideas of uncertainty as to good.
Pelicans in a dream are a symbol of prosperity through sensible frugality.
Dreaming of many pelicans, signifies that you are good with developments around you dreaming you see a pelican nest, signifies that you’ll have happiness in the family to dream of a single pelican, means you will have gains and achievements that will accomplish with thrift and patience.

Meaning for seeing pelican in your dreams

A dream with a pelican suggests that you are selfless, knowledgeable, and take pride in helping those around you the dream may also imply that you tend to take on too much.