Dreaming about pencil

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Seeing a pencil in your dream is generally good luck. However, this dream can also suggest that a certain relationship won’t last long. To dream of sharpening a pencil, whether it is you or someone else doing the sharpening, suggests that you need to be more flexible in your way of thinking. Listen to what others have to say and don’t be so quick to reject their views and opinions.
Dreaming of pencils, denotes favorable occupations for a young woman to write with one, foretells she will be fortunate in marriage, if she does not rub out words; in that case, she will be disappointed in her lover.
Good health, good luck and the time to enjoy them is the message in a dream featuring pencils this applies even if your dream involved having to sell them.
Dreaming of writing with a pencil, suggests that you will get rich and be exalted and progression at work dreaming that you see a pencil, indicates that you will receive good news.
Having a pen or a pencil in your dream may be symbolic of your need to communicate with yourself or others our ability to communicate through written language is a vitally important and necessary part of life when we take our pen and write a check to pay bills, it can still be considered a form of communication! Writing is a form of self expression, provides us with another way to think and express our thoughts dreams with writing tools in them, may be an encouragement for you to write and communicate whether you need to communicate with yourself or others, in private or professional life, is up to you to determine.
Pencil can bring an artistic (often graphic) ability to express the neglected one. Often seen in the fact that you want to make clear to others or waiting, that they communicate. Together with the sheet of paper, which is still blank, it follows that the message can be used to develop new ways of life. Pencil can also be pointed that observations are available. In connection with a cartoon mocking it stands for, which one is exposed. It is also the warning to remember something.

Meaning for seeing pencil in your dreams

– to see or write pencil in a dream: announces news, pleasant activities; – draw with one: one should pursue his artistic inclinations, because it is so successful; – getting passed from one friend to show separation from that person; – a young woman writes with a pencil, she will have a happy marriage. Rubbing out words but says ahead disappointment in love.
– pencil in a dream means that you need to do not try to be always the smartest.
– to see or write with pencil in a dream: you acquire high education; also: get a friendly message;