Dreaming about people

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Seeing people you know in your dream signifies qualities and feelings of those people that you desire for yourself. To see people you don’t know in your dream denotes hidden aspects of yourself that you need to confront. To see people from your past in your dream refers to your shadow and other unacknowledged aspects of yourself.
The people who appear in dreams are the characters with which we write the ‘play’ of our lives. Their importance means that their appearance in our dreams will either be comforting or distressing, depending on the circumstances in the dream. Meanings of authority figures dreaming of authority figures can tell us something important about ourselves. It’s not so much the people that are important in this instance, but the characteristics we associate with them. The appearance of policemen for example, symbolizes protection and security. Dreaming of a judge or justice may signify the onset of a serious argument over a trivial matter. To dream of a king means that success and prestige are within your reach. You will rise above your problems and adversities. The king is symbolic of power and control. Alternatively, the king symbolizes your father or a father figure in your life. Ask yourself if you are perhaps needing support?
Usually our dreams are filled with people we dream about our families, our friends, our neighbors and our classmates we dream about strangers, colleges, famous people, teachers, and at times, about those that we consider to be our enemies each dream is very special and carries its own unique message when interpreting the dream with people in it, consider all of the details and the feelings in the dream if the person is known to you, think about your relationship with them and the issues that the dream has brought up we learn about ourselves through others, and probably our most valuable possessions are our relationships some believe that the strangers in your dreams represent different parts of yourself and your personality many people believe that their dreams predict the future when they have negative or scary dreams, they become anxious about the future alternatively, when their dreams are a form of wish fulfillment, they get very excited and are hopeful that the dream will come true most dreams are not prophetic they are psychological or spiritual in nature, and their primary function may be to help us live better in the present moment, rather than telling us about what is to come.
All of the characters appearing in your dream represent evolving or transforming aspects of you what can make dream interpretation confusing is the inability to understand how dreaming of others allows you to explore the traits you associate with them your ideas, beliefs and areas undergoing transformation will be mirrored by the characters you dream about when you look at the dream as a plot where all of the characters are representing you, look beyond the character and ask: what word would i use to describe this person? How might this person be representing a side of myself that i might be failing to understand or express?

Meaning for seeing people in your dreams

– People^s House means waste, hedonism and dispute more or less.
– To see much, together: strife and dispute.