Dreaming about pestilence

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Rash is a warning sign of the unconscious, that something must be put in order, the burning personal problems can sometimes be true, however, signs of disease. If you have a dream to do with lepers, one usually suffers from the feeling of his environment not to be loved. This can also refer to internal processes. Body and mind are not consistent. The spirit prevails and despises the body, he finds repellent, stained and dirty. Old dream interpretation books have them apply only when you see the disease to others. If you have pestilence themselves, so you pull it all looks. For the poor, this means that we come to respect and honor. Rich, it promises high political office, where they are seen by the people.
Rash often appears in a similar way as acne, then has points to rejection of the self and interpersonal problems. But it can also be sure that you want to represent themselves better understand and represent themselves, but fear the rejection of others.
– Damage to the health of the body and require a fair compensation for money and happiness, success in business and professions; – have themselves: shops can be made ?? Or arrangements made ?? To bring the rich profit; – see other people: the general conditions to improve.
– Your health is in danger. – Look at the other: you will have troubles.

Meaning for seeing pestilence in your dreams

– Dreams of the emperor, he was afflicted with pestilence, he will be because of a love affair exposed to the public, devise also a new mode and open up new revenue streams, a common man will do with clothes his business to pursue a woman to loose trade and thus provide wardrobe. – Have: points to wealth and success in all good shops.