Dreaming about pet

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Pets in dreams are often associated with children, because we care for them like children and members of the family if you own a pet in real life, a pet in your dream may symbolize your responsibilities as a pet owner if your pet is happy, it means you are a good owner if your pet is in bad health, you may be worried about your ability to care for it.
Amusement companionship reevaluation of your object of affection.
Amusement companionship reevaluation of your object of affection.
A household pet is different from wild animals because it is domesticated our pets can symbolize our own habitual or routine behavior as a symbol, the pet can portray what you are nurturing and protecting both good and bad their well being and behavior can embody how you may be neglecting aspects of yourself dogs relate to unconditional love but if you are afraid of a dog in a dream, you may not be feeling trusting in your current relationship the cat remains aloof and can symbolize a desire to be more self sufficient animals usually portray more natural or organic drives and passions and when it is domesticated it can embody trading natural expression for security needs explore what type of animal is being portrayed as a pet for more information of the side of you that may be in need of freedom or nurturing see also animals.

Meaning for seeing pet in your dreams