Dreaming about pharmaceutical drug

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Drug announces about trouble, but you will overcome their own, and this applies also for the professional and financial situation. Sometimes it is also a salutary change in life. Can not be excluded in individual cases, that is sometimes referred to as yet noticeable disease that can be seen at an early stage of a thorough investigation. Again, this symbol do so with something to cure and should therefore be followed carefully so you do not squandered opportunities.
The drug symbolizes spiritual or physical need and desire for sympathy, consolation and advice often expresses the dream of the fear of pain, illness and disappointment. If the drug is taken and it helps the dreamer has enough resistance forces to cope with his problems. If the medicine out of reach, it is an unsolved problem situation.
– take delicious drugs: danger and loss, which is bringing in again; problems, but these will turn out well; – take disgusting drugs: a long illness or deep pain, or loss; – tape: luck in business and in the game for the person who occupies it; – administer: you plotting against someone who you trust; – cause of illness; – medicinal plants eat or see: bad business to an end.
– Dreaming of drugs, or you were taking a drug because of an illness, you will find catharsis in your faith; but you take them, without being ill, it means a provision for the maintenance of health and a rounding of the assets according to the effectiveness of the drug. – If one is a powerful laxative and emptied the bowel, he will spend as much money as he has excreted feces, is the agent without effect, he will get into an awful predicament and not deal with them; he spits out the laxatives again, he will be freed from the reigning prince grievous punishment.

Meaning for seeing pharmaceutical drug in your dreams

– Someone dreaming that he was taking a laxative, he will lose his money quarrels and disputes. – Length of the emperor, he will empty his treasury to crush the enemy, he has eliminated the causes of disease, he will destroy his enemy, if not enduring, plagues and tribulations of his opponents. – Make someone a cleaning treatment and eliminates a lot of droppings, so that it is very dull, means that you will come as a result of sickness and need to beggary. – Attacks of a lethal agent and show up as a result, blood spots or other features on his body, he will be always humiliated by his enemies. – If you are dreaming about falling of all yourhair, it will impoverish according to hair loss; It is the emperor, he will kill an enemy with a list according to the strength of his army. – Has anyone taken a drug, making it like a tube swollen, he will bring the money to be an enemy, but at the cost of powerful fear of the authorities, depending on whether the swelling was large or small. – Dreaming of a drugs, your nails fell out of it and it will be very thin, you are at risk from disease and punishment of the sovereign, and which one is operating successfully, in which he is shipwrecked. – Someone accesses a drug to mitigate the effects of a hazardous agent and he has success, he will be released through the mediation and intercession of another of his plight, the drug has no effect, the opposite will happen. – Take general one: loss of money. – take any other: happiness in the lottery; – take bitter: you will defeat your enemies.