Dreaming about pharmacy

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Dreaming of an pharmacy, means you will have health problems to dream you are included in a pharmacy, suggests you will pay bills to rivals.
A warning sign, try to focus more on physical and mental health. It has a recipe that promises help and advice. In a figurative sense, to report something, what we have long believed forgotten. You can also stand for loss of money, because your self-deception plans were badly thought through.
In the dream represents the pharmacy in general, a physical or mental distress. You may also signal a cry for help or a request for help.
– watch from afar: one should not lose hope; – view from outside: an opportunity rich marriage; – go to: means the sick and healthy people an impending health disorder; – go in and buy medicine: loss of money.

Meaning for seeing pharmacy in your dreams

– be careful and not let you in with bad people who deserve no trust. – pharmacy has little to do with disease, but a lot to do with financial matters. – see: points to an early marriage; – enter: financial losses.
– beware of extortionate hands! – to see: unfortunate coincidences; – be in pharmacy: adversity through enemies.