Dreaming about phone

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A phone, like texting or instant messaging, in a dream is a symbol of communication it is likely to appear in dreams when you are waiting to hear from someone important in your life or when you need to reach out and connect with someone if you get a busy signal, a wrong number, no answer, the phone doesn’t work, or you can’t dial properly, ask yourself who you are having trouble communicating with in your waking life if the phone is broken, ask yourself where in your life and/or with whom is there a communication breakdown in your waking life perhaps, it is someone you wish would listen to you if you lose your phone in a dream, try to identify the person or group you feel you have lost touch with if the phone is ringing and you don’t want to pick it up, ask yourself, what person or situation in your waking life you are trying to avoid if you are dialing 911, identify the urgent situation you need help with in your waking life related dreams phone home related dream symbols can’t connect.
A phone can symbolize communication for example, if you dream about your partner, and there is a telephone in the dream, it is about communication with your partner the location of the phone can also be significant for example, a dream of a broken phone in the bedroom means you need to work on sexual communication with your partner.
Remote locations connection trying to reach someone or something to dream of a telephone, foretells you will meet strangers who will harass and bewilder you in your affairs for a woman to dream of talking over one, denotes she will have much jealous rivalry, but will overcome all evil influences if she cannot hear well in conversing over one, she is threatened with evil gossip, and the loss of a lover when you try to call the police or 911 and you can’t get them in your dream that means that people does not understand you you often find yourself without the ability to express your self in such matter that people will actually know how do you feel.
Dreaming of a phone, indicates that you have yet to care or to feel embarrassment to dream that you pick the phone, signifies that you have to be wary of insecure transactions and activities dreaming that you buy a phone, indicates that you may have an unrealized gain or lose money.

Meaning for seeing phone in your dreams

Phones are a symbol of how various aspects of the psyche seek to communicate with you the person who calls you should be considered in terms of the adjective you would use to describe them they can be representing a side of you seeking expression the message that they share with you should also be considered as a message that may be coming from the higher self.