Dreaming about photography

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If you see photographs in your dreams, it is a sign of approaching deception if you receive the photograph of your lover, you are warned that he is not giving you his undivided loyalty, while he tries to so impress you for married people to dream of the possession of other persons’ photographs, foretells unwelcome disclosures of one’s conduct to dream that you are having your own photograph made, foretells that you will unwarily cause yourself and others’ trouble.
Dreaming of looking at photographs forecasts the pleasing renewal of an old friendship.
Dreaming of yourself as a photographer, you will have many friends seeing in your dream that someone is a photographer, you will have new friends if you are looking at a photograph of someone you know, then you are going to break up with someone you love, and photography of a stranger in a dream is a sign of separation or quarrel with a close friend if there is an exhibition in your dream or an album with photographs, you shall worry for no good reason looking at photography means that you will have long life and happiness black and white photographs in your dream, indicate relationships with family, intimate and personal matters, and color reveals attitudes towards colleagues and contacts at work if you photographed someone in a dream means that someone wants to slander you.