Dreaming about picture

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Dreaming of a picture, indicates a friend with the old friends will meet to dream you buy a picture, means you will see some people that you have not seen in a long time to dream you sell a picture, suggests you compromise with memories to dream you paint a picture, indicates you will try to change some things in your life.
Pictures on walls in a dream can portray your beliefs or the ideas you live by examining pictures in a book can be a way of seeing the past differently of all symbols, pictures and photographs provide an objective way of viewing a situation prior to making a change as in ‘picture this ‘ if there is something unusual about the picture the message can be that the way you are viewing something isn’t accurate explore what the picture presents as a symbol to understand what that is for example: self/identity, parents/influences, car/motivation or house/thoughts, etc.
A picture in a dream is usually the illustration of a part of life. Image (photography, painting) often leads to the expression, that seeks greater self-knowledge, to round out the picture of yourself or correct. – If it is a self-painted picture, then can go to this very deep feelings and thoughts in relation to a person or a life circumstance. – Is it a painting of an old master, so it may be an indication of the attitude that the dreamer has to the past. – The images of known people (like parents, friends) to find the old dream interpretation books speedy help in an emergency or news to announce. – Promise many pictures an upcoming ceremony, appreciation, admiration or more prestige. – Looks is a portrait of a man in a dream, you want to get a picture of someone who may be himself. – Is it a travesty that some unconscious mental confusion in the waking state plays over. – If one^s own image framed nicely in front of them, it has something to do with our vanity. – If you hang a picture, you will receive recognition for a long missed.
As a dream symbol images are mirroring or subjective view of reality. Sometimes such a dream warns against relying on someone to make a false image; and (according to this error of judgment only) for him to respond. It would be important to remember is who or what is shown on the image! The condition of the image can be as important as its color .
An icon or representation with spiritual significance.
– to see picture in a dream: shows disadvantages; – hang up: honor; – hang in your own home: have a weak mind, can be easily dissuaded from the path; – remove: anger; – one or more fall from the wall: something unpleasant misfortune to come on one; sometimes a separation or bereavement; – the image of a related or known reason people fall off the wall: an announcement disease or even a death of that person; – break: unfaithfulness; – destroy: it is forgiven you that you want to enforce your rights with energetic resources; – the images appear: predicting deception and evil intentions of those around you; work without profit, warns of treachery of a man whom you trust; – yourown: means depending on the appearance of health or disease; Also sign of selfishness but also great success and happiness; – to see your own appear in a tree and disappear: be prosperous and happy; find friends and their understanding of your ideas and your plans will be disappointed; – to see children, women or acquaintances: brings news; – see from deceased parents or friends: liberation from an oppressive situation, assistance or support; – see more than one person on one thing: there are usually people with whom one is often engaged in thought; – see people, from which one suffers or has suffered: it is too timid and insecure; – see lots of pictures: announces honor or a tribute to; – paint yourself: to participate in costly business; – to be surrounded by the images of the great ancient and modern masters: it drives you a voracious urge and desire for something higher, compared to is your current success seem pathetic.

Meaning for seeing picture in your dreams

– a masculine look: annoyances; – to see (a man) a goodlooking: you^ll fall in love; – to see: good marriage; – look ugly: anger and malice; – beautiful scenic view: bright future; – damaged or soiled: misfortune; – hang up: you will find merit respect and recognition; – take off from a wall: unpleasant events you are robbing the rest, ingratitude; – see your own record: long life; – music: you^ll start their own home; – paint: you will form a bond; – carving: you^ll learn a lot; – destroy: you^re in for trouble; – look in the mirror: a disease; – the groom or the bride: resolution of the engagement; – worship: grief; – get paid: you come to honor; – away: anger and sadness; – of children, women and friends: you will hear good news.