Dreaming about pimple

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Usually a literal representation of concerns about our physical appearance like teeth falling out dreams, we may dream of getting a pimple in an embarrassing social situation if no one notices your pimple but you, your dream suggests you are feeling too self conscious no one else notices your”Blemish” related dreams a zit! Related dream symbols hair naked teeth.
Dreaming of your flesh being full of pimples, denotes worry over trifles to see others with pimples on them, signifies that you will be troubled with illness and complaints from others for a woman to dream that her beauty is marred by pimples, her conduct in home or social circles will be criticised by friends and acquaintances you may have small annoyances to follow this dream.
Dreaming of having a pimple is a sign of a low self esteem, while dreams of multiple pimples indicate that you are worrying about unimportant matters.
Whenever a dream focuses on the face it can be a message about ‘keeping face’ or credibility generally your appearance in a dream is a way of exploring self esteem or your self image if something on your face (like a pimple or acne) diminishes your attractiveness, you may be exploring the idea that you are not expressing your true self or acknowledging your own beauty if you are picking a pimple or trying to remove a blemish the message can be about releasing ideas or feelings that are undermining your self image.

Meaning for seeing pimple in your dreams