Dreaming about pin

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Pins in a dream signify petty annoyances such as family squabbles, hurt pride or minor disappointments to dream of actually hearing the proverbial pin drop is a prophecy of contentment sitting on a pin predicts a happy surprise, and pinning up an article of clothing forecasts a coming social embarrassment to dream of swallowing a pin suggests that careless planning will lead you into an unpleasant situation, but a lucky circumstance will get you out pricking yourself or being pricked by a pin (unless you sat on it) signifies that you will have to help someone else cope with some problems finding a pin is a sign of general good luck in all your current interests.
Dreaming that you see a rolling pin, indicates that you may have a scandal and strife dreaming that the pin is stained with flour, indicates empty hopes and problems to dream of a broken rolling pin, suggests that you will have reconciliation.
Dreaming of a pin can show a desire for recognition or how we are exploring new aspects of the identity if the pin pricks the skin and draws blood, the dream can be exploring the need to express your feelings if we have lost a pin that was a family heirloom we may be exploring how we are deviating in some way from the family’s expectations see also amulet and necklace.