Dreaming about pineapple

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Dreaming of pineapples, is exceedingly propitious success will follow in the near future, if you gather pineapples or eat them to dream that you prick your fingers while preparing a pineapple for the table, you will experience considerable vexation over matters which will finally bring pleasure and success.
Eating or serving it predicts social success, drinking the juice signifies business success, and dreaming of seeing this fruit harvested or growing promises a passionate new love affair.
Dreaming of a pineapple, suggests that you will invite relatives or friends to the celebration to see a pineapple in your dream, means in reality you will gather with your friends without expecting.
If you buy it in a dream, you can expect for the next time often with a cheerful mood. Depending on the condition of the fruit has two different meanings of this symbol: the pineapple is ripe, juicy and sweet, so it stands for self-awareness, vitality and sexual pleasure. However, it is rotten, bitter and inedible or unappetizing, this indicates uncertainty, deprivation and / or sexual frustration. Pineapple suggests further that you have success in his undertakings, etc., is the one helps to see the pleasant side of life, and to enjoy it.
Pineapple shows confidence and a sophisticated soul to life. Like almost every sweet, juicy fruit is a sign of pleasure, sensuality, eroticism and lust for life. In traditional psychological interpretation, the pineapple is also known as female sexual symbol.
– pick: success and happiness across the board; – see or buy: serenity, joy, comfortable, home environment; – while preparing to cut it into finger points to significant loss, which passes quickly into success and happiness; – eat: you will be invited to a feast;

Meaning for seeing pineapple in your dreams

– you are invited to the table.