Dreaming about pink

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Pink, a mix of red (passion) and white (perfection), indicates love to dream of this color is enough to show that you did not bond well with your mother or that she did not love unconditionally the most significant bond is at birth, so it is likely the dream brings you right back to the start of childhood a poor bond affects the flow of female energy within and negatively impacts on spiritual gifts that require a female energy flow such as intuition, counseling, and teaching.
Associated with tenderness and love you can expect interesting developments in relations with opposite sex tenderness, love, romance tenderness, love, romance.
Dreaming of the color pink, indicates love, joy, sweetness, happiness, affection and kindness if you love or have the ability to cure through love, this is a symbol of the pink rose.
Pink usually symbolizes health and good feelings it is a traditionally a feminine color, and some feel that it connotes love pink is soft and fuzzy, like girls!