Dreaming about pisces

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If you see many pisces in a dream means profits, but if you try to catch them with your hands, expect grief and bitterness if you eat fish in your dream, you’re lucky if you catch fish with a net, you will realize big plans catching small fish in your dreams means small problems seeing in your dream live fish, stay away from fraud, theft and loss catching fish on a hook, then you will slowly and with difficulty achieve success seeing in your dream dead fish, you will lose your worries if you dream of dried, or smoked fish, you will have bad friends if you dream of big fish, you have high hopes ahead and better pay, while small fish are a sign of trickery and subterfuge if you eat fish, you will get rid of pests if you dream of raw or marinated fish, expect abundance and fertility if you in swim a dream among many fish, you will achieve success with stealth if you dream of aquarium fish, you will have inadequate profits or cold friendships.