Dreaming about planar

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– A flat surface usually refers to ease and lets hope for the everyday success, but warns against excessive probably convenience. – Level promises to ancient dream books that you experience joy and happiness in the near future and is making good progress in life. Perhaps behind it but also a warning of obstacles and risks faced by closing one^s eyes so far. – If one looks far from a higher location on a friendly planar addition, it overlooks the further life for some time and may be expected that he will run quiet and successful. – In the plane you can see for miles, see early obstacles and avoid them. – The life is paved, seems to have taken care of a not too arduous progress.
In the dream state, there are many levels of understanding. The planar on which the dreamer interprets dreams depends on how far he has progressed. As a dream of negative mood is the planar of boredom, there are far and no challenge and inspiration in sight. As a positive dream unhindered view (Vision;), no obstacles or unexpected disruptions are to be feared.
In the temple architecture, the planar of knowledge represents outside the norm.
– planar in a dream: denial of obstacles; – see wide green and fertile: at the present time of turmoil unrest will soon be a time of contentment and satisfaction with your own lives to follow; – see bleak and barren: futile effort or struggle; – to find: good progress; – to make a trip across the plains: but gains signaled the loss of affection of a man; – to see a middle of the woods: soothing and balanced life; – far from a high point of a look: you will rise in life, even if at the moment there is no evidence; – crossing a young woman a planar, then she has lived in happy circumstances, when the grass is green and lush, the thin planar or dried grass, standing before her discomfort and loneliness.

Meaning for seeing planar in your dreams

– it seems as though your luck combined firm footing.
– see endless: a bleak future; – green and flowery: blessed prospects; quiet days; – live in (green and flowery): lasting happiness.