Dreaming about plants

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Growth nature life let the natural process flow freely.
Growth nature life let the natural process flow freely.
Healthy plants, growing indoors or out, are an omen of general good luck in your current undertakings, and the omen is intensified if the plants were in bloom however, if they were wilted or in poor condition, they signify a warning of possible difficulties due to careless planning a dream of repotting, watering, feeding, or setting out plants is a promise of a contented home life in comfortable circumstances.
Plants mean you will gain strength and skills to accumulate resources and capabilities thick and impenetrable vegetation means you should not anger those above you if you see or touch the root of a plant, you are still weak and vulnerable if you dream of the stem of a plant, expect growth and hope for a good time if you dream of the branches, crown, leaves or flowers of a plant, the time is right for action, you have all chances for performance and convenience fruits or seeds of the plant it means that it is time to take care of family, the old aged or your offspring.

Meaning for seeing plants in your dreams