Dreaming about plaster

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Dreaming of seeing walls plainly plastered, denotes that success will come, but it will not be stable to have plaster fall upon you, denotes unmitigated disasters and disclosure to see plasterers at work, denotes that you will have a sufficient competency to live above penury.
Mixing plaster in a dream forecasts a period of money luck; putting plaster on a wall is an omen of increasing prosperity; however, cracked or falling plaster portends family troubles if you dreamed of wearing a medical plaster or a plaster cast, you are likely to have to defend your reputation as a result of your own careless behavior, but if the plaster was on someone else, you are likely to be called on to help a friend or relative who is in trouble.
Seeing a plaster in your dream, suggests you will have unresolved problems to dream you put the plaster on a wound, means you will find only a temporary way out of a difficult situation.