Dreaming about plate

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A plate can symbolize an ideal or goal any circle in a dream can indicate this, as circles have no beginning and no end, so are symbolic of the divine for example, to dream of hitting someone on the head with a plate in a shopping mall, warns you of the need to be responsible (shopping mall) when it comes to pushing your ideals (plate) onto others.
For a woman to dream of plates, denotes that she will practise economy and win a worthy husband if already married, she will retain her husband’s love and respect by the wise ordering of his household see dishes.
Dreaming that you see a plate, suggests that you will have big ambitions to dream of dish washing, predicts that you are to deal with your problems and disappointments.
Just as you can ‘have a lot on your plate,’ the plate can symbolize where your attention is currently focused whatever is ‘being served’ can portray how you are currently finding nourishment and how ‘it serves you ’ see food.

Meaning for seeing plate in your dreams