Dreaming about play

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For a young woman to dream that she attends a play, foretells that she will be courted by a genial friend, and will marry to further her prospects and pleasure seeking if there is trouble in getting to and from the play, or discordant and hideous scenes, she will be confronted with many displeasing surprises see theater.
Seeing children at play is an omen of success in love or personal relationships watching the performance of a play in your dream is a symbol of good times ahead if you enjoyed it, but if you found it sad or unpleasant in any way, the dream is warning you of brewing financial embarrassment guard your credit.
Dreaming that you are in a play, means you should not deceive to dream that you write a play, predicts that you will be involved in an unpleasant affair dreaming that you play, signifies that you are to take care of your financial situation dreaming that you read a play, means you are to witness to someone’s conflicts and complicated relationships.