Dreaming about plow

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Dreaming of a plow, signifies unusual success, and affairs will reach a pleasing culmination to see persons plowing, denotes activity and advancement in knowledge and fortune for a young woman to see her lover plowing, indicates that she will have a noble and wealthy husband her joys will be deep and lasting to plow yourself, denotes rapid increase in property and joys.
If you dreamed of a horse drawn plow, it signifies slow but steady progress in all that concerns you; a motor drawn plow is a forecast of achievement with strong assistance from lady luck.
Dreaming of a plow, suggests to expect hard work dreaming of a broken or muddy plow, predicts that you may get sick to dream that you plow with a plow, suggests that you will be the king of abundance and fertility at home to dream that you buy a new plow, indicates that you expect a lot of money.
– Reward for hard work, good design and progress in his or her personal affairs.

Meaning for seeing plow in your dreams