Dreaming about pocket

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Dreaming of your pocket, is a sign of evil demonstrations against you.
If your dream featured pockets but you weren’t aware of whether they contained anything, you will be surprised and annoyed (if not inconvenienced and embarrassed) by the unexpected stinginess of a friend or associate to dream of having or finding something in your own pocket signifies that you will have an easier time than you anticipate with a person in authority concerning a pending matter of importance to you a dream of having a hole in your pocket suggests chagrin due to off the cuff judgment or hasty action guard against impulsive reactions.
Dreaming of a pocket, suggests you can expect a lot of money from the most unexpected place, however be careful an empty pocket in your dream, suggests you really will have an empty pocket, and you will have too much costs try to reduce your costs to dream of a full pocket, suggests you should save to dream you are in the pocket, means you must be cautious and careful not to deceive your family.
A dream where you put an object in your pocket implies that you are being possessive or protective in some area of your life.

Meaning for seeing pocket in your dreams

You fill your pockets with the things you need and therefore, the pocket can have associations with your values the pocket can also represent the things you are hiding explore the symbolism associated with the pocket for further clues see purses, wallets, luggage, jewels and keys.