Dreaming about poet

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Dreaming of a poet or writer means you have a creative writing ability and you are being asked to use this in your life as a means of connecting with your inner core through writing, you will find your distinctive style of expression and expand your understanding of yourself for example, to dream of writing mathematical equations would mean that through the deduction process engaged in while you write, you will expand your awareness of yourself.
A poet in your dream is a symbol of an impecunious friend who is likely to ask you for a loan don’t make it more than you can afford to give away, because it will turn out to be a donation.
A symbol of inspiration and creative work by your imagination. Often understood as a call to an individual way according to your own ideas and without the traditional notions of security (social, material, etc.) to risk.
– This symbol doesn^t have any explanation in Christian culture.

Meaning for seeing poet in your dreams

– to see poet in a dream: your imagination just makes you sick.
– None dream explanation in Islam.