Dreaming about poison poisoning

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Poisoning often symbolizes negative feelings, expectations and attitudes which affect the whole life unfavorably, for example, hate or fear. Partly this condition can be mastered only psychotherapeutic. Sometimes it also indicates the wish to solve problems and conflicts in a simple way with a blow, what will not durably succeed, but finally still the difficulties will not get worse. Old dream books revealed behind a warning against malicious neighbors.
– The dream about poisoning: a violent solution of problems is never real from duration and effect;an indication to the fact that you plan forbidden pleasure; – In the dream you poison yourself: nothing rushes; – You are poisoned: to torment other only in the joke, is not a good sign of a beautiful soul and brings unnecessary hostility; – In the dream you see others which are poisoned: you should not interfere in other people affairs; – Somebody is poisoning: will not be able to enforce your affairs because of your stubborn.
– You are poisoned: pay attention to your neighbors and avoid them.
– In the dream you poison somebody: you are a coward, crafty person; also: the annoyance with unloved people will not take the end; – Somebody is poisoning you: unfaithful friends will soon turn away from you and do not hesitate to inflict damage.