Dreaming about postman

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A postman is a guide in a dream and whatever ability a guide has you have too a postman^s job is to deliver messages to people and so symbolizes channeling you have the ability to receive messages from the spirit world and pass them on to people.
Dreaming of a postman, denotes that hasty news will more frequently be of a distressing nature than otherwise see letter carrier.
A postman in your dream is a straightforward symbol of news on the way.
Dreaming you are a postman, suggests you will be loaded with marginal work or unpleasant tasks dreaming that you see a postman, means you will have a candidate for associate or marriage to dream that you see mail, predicts that you are to get good news.
Postman is a symbol for parts of the personality, you will gain insight to then make life more positive. The man who takes up with us and bring us something to which we may have been waiting eagerly. Where it occurs, can fulfill a hope for good or bad sense. Ancient dream books and see in it a warning against credulity, or the sign of good health.
– to see postman in a dream: suggests a joy that awaits us soon, good health, with new insights will fulfill a long cherished hope; – meet: soon will arrive an unexpected consignment of money; – bringing the post: some unpleasant and unwelcome news; – no mail and passing by bringing: disappointments and sad events; – give to his post: jealousy and envy will hurt you; – an interview with him, says the involvement in a scandal ahead.

Meaning for seeing postman in your dreams

– you should not believe everything people say.
– fulfillment of secret desires and hopes.