Dreaming about pray

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Communion, seek help.
Where in my life I^m willing to give?
Worship brings a desire to help expression, especially in seemingly hopeless situations in which only one can still hope for help from above;. The request for forgiveness of a burdensome debt or a deep, extensive fear the whole personality can stand behind it. Sometimes shows how to pray also that you will again turn to religion and faith.
– to see in a dream yourself or others praying: promises satisfaction, happiness and joy, fear God, you have good friend that one would stand still in need; – see yourself as worshipers: your own future is blessed, but you need the advice of an objective consultant or support from family and / or friends; – in the Church: remorse; – in front of a standing in the open cross or holy picture: fear for their existence.

Meaning for seeing pray in your dreams

– joy and sorrow accompany you been a number of years, but soon will shine for you again the sun of happiness.
– to dream that you pray: you will be calm in your mind; – see other praying: pointing to a comfortable existence; – to see praying your close friends: you will free yourself from a great distress.