Dreaming about private investigator

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The man who brought us traces and guess our most secret thoughts, translated it means the fear that you own, bad intentions are revealed, and fall to a self; behind it is then often a guilty conscience with guilt. See yourself as a detective, which can also indicate a good, but exciting task that you might get transferred soon.
A dream symbol, which will make you the dangers (or not always right ways) a penetration into new and unlimited possibilities vividly. If you have experienced in the role of detective, you want to know something, without regard for consequences; to the result then your to exploit views perhaps secret. Maybe we want to remind the unconscious only to finally make our final secrets.
– see investigator in a dream: you will go towards troubled times, you will hear a confession that will make you think of another human right; – be: you will get a great responsibility entrusted; – pursued by a guilty: you do not have a clear conscience, the reputation is at stake and friends will turn your backs; – pursued by a completely innocent and have: riches and honor are back from day-to-day nearer;
– It makes no sense to lie to someone, you look just like hurting yourself.

Meaning for seeing private investigator in your dreams

– to see investigator or to do with him: being robbed.