Dreaming about prize

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Dreaming of receiving a prize suggests that you will be successful in your current endeavors; a dream of giving a prize indicates an increase in material wealth, possibly through an inheritance.
If you see someone get a prize, you will be ashamed if you give or receive in your dream a prize, you will soon enjoy success and prosperity.
Embodying the many things that you strive for, to dream of receiving a prize can signify whether or not your aspirations are realistic, attainable and healthy explore the symbol that is portrayed as the prize for clues about how you are currently approaching ambition a prize or treasure emphasizes a goal or something that is an important aspect of your fulfillment discovering treasure or something buried usually has associations with what is repressed (guns/sex gold/self value ) we receive a prize usually because of our effort and tenacity to dream of winning the lottery however, places the result of what you experience on others, fate or the outside and unpredictable forces around you.