Dreaming about prophetic dreams

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If you have prophetic dreams it means that you are prophetic in reality you can predict the future for yourself and others prophetic dreams predict exactly what will happen dreaming of an uncle dying just before your aunt dies in reality is not a prophetic dream prophetic dreams can be vague but not inaccurate most importantly, prophetic dreams have a strong feeling associated with them that pervades the whole dream if you have prophetic dreams you will already be aware of this feeling any dreams that do not have that feeling can be interpreted as per this book.
The ‘dream cycle’ is a lot like ‘myth cycles ’ in our ancient stories, the hero is ‘tested’ in various ways or in different landscapes in an effort to uncover the truth about both, their identity and destiny this is exactly the interpretation of why you dream when a dream is observed to ‘morph’ into different landscapes, you will find yourself describing the dream: ‘it seemed like the same dream, but…’ these dream cycles usually come in three parts and suggest.