Dreaming about publisher publishing

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Dreaming that you are a publisher of newspapers or books, means you will have achieved some financial transaction to dream of publishing a visit or meet in a dream with a publisher, means you should allow incompetent people to be confused in what they do to their jobs to dream that your friend or relative is a publisher of a book, means you will stand up for your friend and talk about attacks directed at him if you dream that you have published a book, suggests you will be respected and you will have success.
– In the dream you see a publisher or publishing process: this foretells long journeys and literary ambitions; – If you are dreaming that your manuscript was declined: you will suffer disappointments because of the hopes that are not fulfilling. – Accepts your manuscript: the plans will develop as expected; – You lose the manuscript in the dream: the strangers will inflict you to bad thing; – If a woman believes that her husband is a publisher, she will be jealous of his feminine friends and makes him violent scenes.