Dreaming about pumpkin

Seeing a pumpkin in your dream, implies openness and your receptiveness to new ideas and experiences. A pumpkin is also symbolic of the female sexuality. Alternatively, it may relate to the popular fairy tale of cinderella where a carriage turns back into a pumpkin. In this regard, it may represent some situation in which time is running out.
A symbol of fear and anxiety presented as fun and joy, because of the color and association with halloween; see'shalloween".
Dreams about pumpkins suggest the dreamer is passing into a new phase in her life.
Any form of pumpkin featured in your dream predicts a happy, comfortable home life.
To dream about pumpkin squash, picking, roasting, or pruning it, denotes that in reality you may have many friends and family who conspire. when seeing in a dream that you eat boiled pumpkin, might mean that you may be having trouble or problems with health. when you are dreaming of pumpkin seeds, predicts that you will have a houseful of children. Dreaming that you eat pumpkin, might predict that you will have a rich lifestyle.
A big ripe pumpkin seen in a dream is a symbol of wealth and prosperity if you dream of cooking porridge with pumpkin, in real life you have to put a lot of effort and be creative to live decently on the salary you receive dreams of a pumpkin, turning into something like in a fairy tale, you should be prepared to lies.

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