Dreaming about punishment

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Dreaming that you are punished, suggests that you will have an easy win to dream that you are punishing someone, means you have an extra cost and wasting money for nothing.
Dreams to share with us things that we do not really want to know, including penalties, of which we know subconsciously that we deserve it. Sometimes there are penalties for acts that we have not yet committed, or committed for thoughtless. Dreams sometimes punished for acts or thoughts that the better I do not approve. The dream symbols are often exaggerated. If you might just mindlessly said anything derogatory by a friend, you can see in the dream on the same gallows (because they call-murder; committed!). Such dreams can be also expressed the belief that someone else deserved the punishment. As a dream symbol can represent anything and everything, the criminal is a different person, or be yourself. Even a whole MOB may only represent one^s own personality, but also public opinion. When you dream, that one is lynched, one must consider whether it is anti-social behavior in waking life. You can also himself the criminal instrument, so boom, stick, rod, or guillotine, then investigate who is punished and why. Corporal punishment, e. G. Whipping with a rod and beaten with the hammer-floor must not at all mean punishment. It happens in a dream and even felt pleasantly situated close to the interpretation of masochistic tendencies.
When a child realizes that it does not meet the expectations of adults, it is often fear of punishment. Later in life you dream it, be punished, if one is afraid to be no match for the power requirements or resolve a conflict can not itself. To self-punishment occurs when the dreamer to put in yourself not to comply. This may be the only way out of his dilemma. He appears to be easier to endure the pain than to solve the problem. But perhaps it displaces successful that they actually deserved punishment;, but stops against better judgment not on it, someone (or yourself) to harm. Anyone who feels relieved and freed after a punishment dream may perhaps have a bad conscience but surely a penchant for masochism.
The worst punishment is the spiritual knowledge that a step aspired development was not completed.

Meaning for seeing punishment in your dreams

– be punishmed in a dream: unexpected pleasure.
– None dream explanation in Islam.