Dreaming about purple

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Great aspirations and understanding of visible and invisible realms take advantage of your creativity treasure, or the true self treasure, or the true self.
Dreaming of the purple color, predicts you will have power yet you expect intrigues.
Purple is usually the color of royalty, high rank, or dignity it is a strong color that can not be ignored likewise, most people have a strong opinion of purple: they really like it, or vehemently dislike it to some people, purple has spiritual connotations the catholic church uses it at funerals and around easter time it represents spiritual and personal transformation purple could also represent higher consciousness and spiritual protection a version of purple is also the color of the crown chakra when interpreting this color consider all of the details in the dream and try to make connections between the above mentioned ideas and your current issues.
A dream with the color purple suggests that you have negative thoughts or emotions, feel a sense or security, you are romantic, or need to explore life more.