Dreaming about pus

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The meaning of this dream depends upon the area where the wound or infection was seen.
Dreaming that you have pus somewhere in your body, indicates you are jealous of other successes.
Infection usually follows the formation of pus. In a dream something that is bad become; infected and its surroundings. Perhaps the dreamer is with fear, self-doubt and even envy infected;. The dreamer is shown that a negative situation can cause pain and difficulty in your life, if not treated properly. Pus can really announce a disease that causes no symptoms. But it can also be interpreted as certain characteristics of the personality you are suppressed, then in the future this should be considered, because they would act subversive;.
The dreamer has to do with pus in his dream, his task failure might be done with a negative matter in its environment. Suffers another person in a dream by pus formation, then the dreaming must deal with his inner negativity and learn to heal himself.
Pus from a spiritual perspective is the result of the experiment, something to fight evil;. Even if the dreamer (this is already managed by the fight) have asked to avoid the consequences.
– to see pus in a dream: removes heavy sorrows; – with wounds and ulcers: suggesting happiness and monetary gain.

Meaning for seeing pus in your dreams

– disease and hardship.
– sickness, toil.