Dreaming about pyramid

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Monument ancient knowledge seeking awareness with greater consciousness to dream of pyramids, denotes that many changes will come to you if you scale them, you will journey along before you find the gratification of desires for the young woman, it prognosticates a husband who is in no sense congenial to dream that you are studying the mystery of the ancient pyramids, denotes that you will develop a love for the mysteries of nature, and you will become learned and polished quack / crazy doctor to see a quack doctor in your dreams, denotes you will be alarmed over some illness and its improper treatment.
Monument ancient knowledge seeking awareness with greater consciousness.
You can expect a pleasant change of pace (possibly foreign travel) if you dreamed of a pyramid but if it was lying on its side, inverted or damaged, it suggests approaching family or financial worries.
This ancient and powerful symbol has general meaning for all and specific meaning for the dreamer it represents the coming together of the world of man with that of god; the material with the spiritual the purpose of the pyramids was to bury the dead and to assist them into reaching eternity in this way, the pyramids were holy places and their architecture and mysticism continues to amaze and to intrigue us in order to understand its symbolism; consider your current accomplishments and breakthroughs if you accomplished a personal goal and feel a sense of wholeness, this dream symbol may be an affirmation of those feelings the pyramid could also represent larger goals and deepest strivings whether they represent fulfilled or incomplete goals, a pyramid seems to be a very positive dream symbol.

Meaning for seeing pyramid in your dreams

A dream with a pyramid suggests that you have reached some kind of target in your life, or you are working towards your aspirations you feel anxious, or are on the quest for knowledge and wisdom.
Since a pyramid is a structure, it can appear as a representation of your ‘internal architecture’ the pyramid in a dream can embody transformation since rulers were buried there in order to reach a higher level of existence its triangular face can represent the idea of three, or conflicting ideas that require integration a triangle is also highly spiritual, so dreaming of a pyramid can portray the condition of your spiritual ideas and how you are blending material experiences with spiritual pursuits since it has four sides, it can also symbolize balance or issues that need to be brought together to achieve harmony associated with mystery and exotic or bygone cultures, the pyramid can symbolize spirituality or the search for deeper meaning in life see also mummy and ancient.