Dreaming about quaker

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Peace and comfort will be your daily lot if you dream of associating with quaker’s.
Dreaming of a quaker, denotes that you will have faithful friends and fair business if you are one, you will deport yourself honorably toward an enemy for a young woman to attend a quaker meeting, portends that she will by her modest manners win a faithful husband who will provide well for her household.
Members of this sect are a generally favorable dream omen signifying a peaceful life through family unity and helpful friends.
If you dream of meeting and talking with a quaker this denotes that you will make a lot of new friends and have a very good business based on fair business practices if you dream you are a quaker then this will show that you will act in an honorable manner towards an enemy a woman dreaming of a quaker has the omen of a happy and prosperous marriage.

Meaning for seeing quaker in your dreams

A dream with a quaker implies that you are self sufficient, whereas a dream where another person is a quaker implies that you are peaceful and have strong beliefs.
Dreaming of a quaker character can symbolize your own ideas of purity or chastity there may be something unusually ‘puritanical’ in your current approach the religious association can tie the quaker to the exploration of your spiritual ideas the image of the quaker related to the oat cereal brand can be a way of exploring why ‘sowing your wild oats’ may be under a type of ‘house arrest’ related to critical conscience another theme that the quaker can personify is the ‘quaking’ or movement of urges that have been ‘under wraps ‘ associated with oats, it may suggest the idea of sowing your ‘wild oats ‘