Dreaming about quartet

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dreaming that you are part of a quartet indicates you want support in your life you want people that you could cooperate and communicate with to get things done
To dream of playing or singing in a quartet signifies a decrease in status
If you listen to the performance of the quartet in your dream or participated in it, it means you expect a service reduction ad weakening of the position
To dream of a quartet playing romantic music indicates that you may deserve some special time with a loved one note the music, emotions, and surroundings, as there may be hints for improving your relationship

Meaning for seeing quartet in your dreams

If you dream that you are playing or singing in a quartet then you will find many happy companions and an enjoyable life to see a quartet that you cannot join is an omen that you will attempt a job that is too big for you
A dream with a quartet symbolizes importance or harmony it may imply that there are issues in your life that have solutions
To dream that you are in a quartet, signifies that you will have an enjoyable life filled with many companions you may also be seeking out a companions and partnerships to work together in a harmonious way to see a quarter that you cannot join, signifies your attempt to do a job that is beyond your capacity