Dreaming about quartz

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To find a beautiful piece of quartz in a dream is an augury that someone will try to cheat you. You must be alert to everything that is going on or you will lose money.
In ancient times quartz was seen as the trapping of light. Therefore, to dream of quartz is symbolic of acquiring new light that is then used to gain clarity. This process thus becomes not a trapping of light but a trapping of wisdom. As such, the unconscious is attesting to our capacity to gain wisdom and therefore power.
A lovely piece of quartz in a dream is, oddly enough, a warning that you are in danger of being cheated by someone you trust be extra cautious concerning any business with friends.
Quartz is the warning in a dream that you will deceive a trusted friend.
A dream with quartz symbolizes the development of power it could imply that you are trying to attain something like a goal it also represents emotions or ideas.
Traditionally interpreted: a dream that heralds a lucky experience one finds a treasure.; The crystal is a symbol of beauty and value of intangible for success through clear, clean; approach and for the realization of an ideal.

Meaning for seeing quartz in your dreams

The rock crystal (quartz) symbolizes peace of mind, concentration and high goals.
– to have quartz or see one: this symbol is of great importance and destiny will be a guidepost for our future way of life, the dream is associated with pleasant feelings, one is on the right track.
– None dream explanation in Islam.